2023.9.05——2023.9.08 Participate in Shanghai Exhibition - Foshan WanNi film Co.,Ltd.

2023.9.05——2023.9.08 Participate in Shanghai Exhibition

2023-11-04 11:19

Participating in the Shanghai exhibition to enhance domestic visibility and promote the development of domestic sales has played a solid foundation, while Shanghai as an international city. We also play an important role in answering foreign friends' questions and helping our company enter the world market.We can also learn from the advantages of peers in products to make up for each other. Humbly seek advice and learning, improve the quality of the company's products, the company's philosophy is not the best only better, highlighting the company's product craftsman spirit.We first show all the products of our company, and then give a detailed explanation of the relevant products we recommend in terms of thickness, material and color. It is very humane to start with the customer's equipment when asking the customer. To solve problems for customers. Irregular visits after understanding the specific situation of customers. And guarantee the corresponding after-sales problems. Solve all problems for customers.

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