Russia Exhibition Hall 3 H47 - Foshan WanNi film Co.,Ltd.

Russia Exhibition Hall 3 H47

2024-01-02 09:51

Our company participated in the exhibition in Russia, which was a turning point for our company's strategy to enter Russia. Our company began to vigorously develop the Russian market, highlighting the friendly relations between China and Russia. The film in Russia began to transfer to PET film and PETG film, and further adjusted the strategic goal of our company in Russia after communicating with Russian customers and peers.

After the strategic communication at the exhibition, we added the types of PETG films, and conducted a film preference survey when doing market research. Then I visited the companies we cooperated with one by one, which highlighted our basic corporate culture of after-sales service and sustainable development to customers. Obtained the customer's unanimous praise. Strengthen the connection between customers.At the same time, the exhibition also communicated with the Russian equipment factory to strengthen the upstream and downstream supply cooperation. It also upgraded the technology. After communication, the two sides reached a customer-oriented, service integration communication.

PET Film

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