PETG Solid Color Film

1. PETG film is a new type of material, which is environmentally friendly and has no odor pollution. 2. PETG solid color film generally used in cabinets, door panels, whole house customization, partial wall panel damage, base material boards. 3. Solid color PETG film refers to a type of PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) film that has a consistent, uniform color throughout its structure.
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  • China
  • 5——20days
  • 50 tons——100tons


Product parameters:

[Name]: PETG film

[Thickness]: Regular 0.18mm/0.25mm, Customize within 0.45mm.

[Width]: 1250mm

[Length]: Normally 300m per roll.

[Material]: Ethylene terephthalate-1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol.


Super Matt film

Product Title

Solid Color film

Product Detail


High Gloss film

Environmetal friendly

PETG materials are considered to be low-toxic, odorless and not harmful to the human body.

Super Matt film



The excellent tensile resistance of around 180% ensures that the material can undergo machining and bending without bursting or breaking. This property highlights the material's ability to stretch and withstand mechanical stress, making it suitable for applications where flexibility and durability are crucial.

Solid Color film

Various colors

The availability of various colors is a versatile and aesthetic feature, providing flexibility in design and allowing for customization to meet specific preferences or design requirements. This characteristic is particularly valuable in industries such as fashion, interior design, packaging, and product branding, where color plays a significant role in attracting attention, conveying emotions, and enhancing overall visual appeal.

High Gloss film


The material should not react with or undergo chemical changes when exposed to specific chemicals.

Application scenarios:

Super Matt film

Solid Color film

Foshan WanNi Film CO.,Ltd.


Foshan Wanni Film Co., Ltd. was established

General agent of Teijin and Toray in China.


The monthly output of the film lamination production line has reached 1,000 tons, occupying 80% of the Chinese market.


Wansu New Materials Co., Ltd. was established

Started to invest 2 extrusion lines and 2 coating lines

Introducing Korean film-making technology and imroving the surface treatment of the film.


BYITE (Guangdong) New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Invest in 1 imported extrusion line

Introducing true excimer technology.

Our advantage

High Gloss film

Global service

We have established cooperative relationships with more than 30 countries around the world, and we also travel abroad and participate in exhibitions usually to provide customers with practical services.

Super Matt film


All products will be carefully packaged before being sent out to ensure safe and on-time arrival.

Solid Color film

24-hour service

24-hour online service and professional technical support, what ever pre-sales and after-sales, we are willing to provide professional sulotion and technical solutions to satisfy customer requirements.


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