Participate in Vietnam Exhibition - Foshan WanNi film Co.,Ltd.

Participate in Vietnam Exhibition

2023-11-04 11:25

Vietnam plays a strategic role in the Southeast Asian market. Our company can promote the marketization of PET and PETG films in Vietnam. And familiar with Vietnamese counterparts and buyers. It has played an important role in opening up the foreign trade market for our company.Our company can also accumulate relevant customer resources in the exhibition, and integrate into the local industry circle. And maintain the old client relationship, deepen the relationship.The company has carried out detailed planning in advance, from the number of employees to the general route and the route to visit customers in Vietnam. And from the means of transportation and the fastest time and the latest time to make a response plan. Then the number of days and the importance of the corresponding activities were carefully differentiated. Make it to Vietnam without wasting a second of your time. Have clear goals and objectives.It can also highlight our humane service to customers and the company's determination and execution to expand overseas markets.

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